Portland Document Management Systems

We have been offering big, legal, and letter format paper scanning solutions for several years and enable corporations to ease their access of the documentation that they archive and own, regardless of how huge the file is. The database for our customers includes private business, federal, state, and local government entities, as well as healthcare and healthcare communities. We’ve the technical knowledge and the capacity to handle any documentation conversion and use advanced higher speed scanners such as those manufactured by Kodak, InoTec, Fujitsu, Contex, and Canon.

The typical work flow for our documentation scanning conversion service incorporates:

* System Implementation
* Personalized Indexing Applications
* Tailored Post Processing Applications
* High Speed Scanning to Preferred Output
* The use of Barcode and Patch Sheets

We’ve completed document conversions at our facility and, at our customer’s locations for quite a few years in Document Scanning Service. Our data conversion employees has confirmed encounter in managing information conversions. This knowledge enables the final output integration into a customized solution designed for a distinct enterprise application or in to the lots of different document management options in the marketplace today, regardless when the requirements are Net, external, or internal distribution.

We’ve the potential to supply the essential option important to integrate digitized photos into a workflow. Our imaging service will deliver excellence in microfiche and microfilm digitizing image and document reformatting, and preservation microfilming. We present a very competitive edge that handful of others can give as the result of our capability to provide the help and sales of computer software and hardware solutions for sophisticated document conversion.